Empowering Silence: Deaf Awareness

Welcome to the Deaf Center, we have lots of information for the Deaf/Hearing loss as well as helpful links. The first part is all about Service Dogs for the Deaf/Hearing loss. The second part will be about communication devices to bridge the gap between Deaf/Hearing loss. And then on my partner’s page, I am working with partners who will help the Deaf, by knowing sign language, having a UBiDUO, or by staying patient and writing back and forth. As a person with hearing loss, wearing hearing aids so I can talk with people. I understand the struggles of everyday living and hope to bring awareness and bridge a much needed gap.

Being the Georgia Ambassador for NEADS.org, the National Educations Association of Disabled Students, it pleases me to tell you more and provide a link to where you can gain more education on service dogs and their use. Not only are our dogs for the hearing loss person, but there are also for children and adults with physical disabilities dogs, children with Autism, Veterans with physical disabilities, TBI – Traumatic Brian Injuries, and PTDS. We have assistance dogs who work with professionals in classrooms, ministry, therapeutic, hospitals, courthouses, and first responder settings. There are many wonderful things these dogs can do please visit NEADS.org/hearing for more information about the program and the application process.  If you can spare a few please donate. Thank you!


The Making of a World-Class Service Dog Team

UbiDuo 3 SGD for Medicare/Private Insurance – Individuals

The UbiDuo 3 Speech Generating Device (SGD) is covered by Medicare/Medicaid and private insurance. Our durable medical equipment (DME) representatives can guide you through the process of securing coverage for your own UbiDuo 3 SGD.

UbiDuo 3 for Businesses/Organizations

The primary focus of sComm, a strong advocate for “simultaneous communications,” is to enable people to communicate directly without communication barriers. The UbiDuo 3 provides an accessibility solution that eliminates communication barriers between deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing people. 


Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Hearing deserve barrier-free communication

The next Big Thing I would like to talk about in the Deaf world is the UBIDUO. This is a unique device that is helping to bridge the gap between deaf and hearing. I have used this device and as I am a latent Deaf, I have found it useful when I do not have my hearing aids. I can see the benefits in the workplace or in everyday activities. I would like to see this device in more places. For example:  Pharmacies, Doctor Offices, shopping stores, banks, city offices, and many other public locations. Hoping to help bridge a gap so that when on the spot does not allow for an interpreter you have a means of communication. This by no means is a replacement for an interpreter it is just a helpful tool that would help speed up processes in everyday life for the hearing loss / Deaf. Please check out the website: https://scomm.com

Deaf Friendly YouTube Channel

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